Using flipbook in the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds

Flipbook animation has become the name of the game in the publication of interactive web content. It’s not just a question of producing content that is more attractive to consumers and clients, it’s about bringing them onboard, encouraging them to share and get enthusiastic about the vision you or your company has – whatever that vision is. It’s about meeting consumers half-way and making it easier all the time for them to plug into your message. So, these days, when you’re thinking about making an online brochure, it’s not enough for it merely to be on the web. You need technology from companies like Webpublication, which enables you not just to embed brochures on your website, but also to share them via social networks. Your content has to be mobile – in other words, you should be able to save it to a USB stick or onto DVD, email it or carry it around on your smartphone or iPad. In fact, developing an interactive pdf on ipad is a crucial step to take if you want to retain your consumers’ interest. It’s easy to revamp tired content by using flash animations, sound and video to bring an imaginative slant to your message.

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