Snooker – a game for purists, or is it?

Every sport has its purists and snooker, perhaps because of the precise nature of the game, has maybe more than its fair share. But you don’t have to be a purist to appreciate that when you see a riley snooker table for sale, you’re looking at something very special. This British company has been around for quite some time, in fact, pretty much from the earliest days of snooker, which was first invented towards the mid 1870s, although its ancestor, billiards, is much older. The game has seen many changes and developments. The snooker dining table, for example, used to be quite popular, but this ingenious idea seems to have fallen out of favour. Nowadays, people are looking for a table on which to recreate the thrills and spills of top-flight matches. Riley’s record in producing tables that have been used in world ranking championships for decades is definitely a strong argument for taking a closer look at how they manufacture their products. Using only top-quality materials obviously helps – leather, rubber, wood, napped cloth and slate are the main raw materials in a table’s construction. But the most important ingredient has to be the combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship.

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