Treat your fridge-freezer to the best in water filter technology – take a look on

Whilst water filters for fridges might not be your first choice of conversation topic, if you’ve a large fridge-freezer with a water and ice dispensing feature, it’s a subject that bears some careful thought. Many people with this kind of appliance can feel tempted to cut corners and buy one of the numerous inferior water filters on the market, but that really is playing with fire. Reputable sites like will only stock manufacturer-approved filters so these should be your first port of call. If you’re unsure of how to judge the respective merits of different filters, the key criteria is the size of objects that the filter is capable of blocking and the method used to do this. For example, a filter using carbon granules that can filter out solvents (5 microns in size) is less effective than a filter that employs carbon blocks and which can remove salmonella and copper (0.5 microns in size) from your drinking water. So, whether you’re looking for a replacement water filter for samsung fridge freezer models or any other filter, look out for the micron count on the filter. As well as Samsung filters, the Allmyfilters site sells Bosch, LG and the sbs002 water filter from Whirlpool.

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