Flipbook myths and misconceptions exploded!

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the flip book. One is that it’s an out of date format that is no longer popular with the general public. Another is that content creation is a complex business best left only to the professionals. Well, the latest software packages from companies like Webpublication are hoping to give the lie to the idea that the flipbook has had its day. They’ve kept the tried and trusted basic format, but have added a few extras that users will love! A host of rich media features now make for a far more interactive experience than was previously possible. These range from HD images and video to sound, hypertext links and flash animations.

The second myth waiting to be exploded is that of the complexity of online brochure creation. In reality, just about anyone can try their hand at putting content onto the latest generation of flipbooks without needing any kind of prior training. And there are plenty of options on colour, background and logo to make sure your end result looks as slick as can be. Still not convinced? Then maybe a look at a few e-brochure examples will change your mind…

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