Cue sports – games that just about anyone can join in with!

There are few sports that can be genuinely played by all ages and people of all fitness levels, but the family of cue sports definitely fits that bill. As they’re not ‘physical’ games in the same sense as football, badminton, rowing or most other sporting pastimes we could think of, the only things that count in snooker, pool or billiards are skill and tactics – creating a truly level ‘playing field’. To find out more about the origins of the game of snooker, just click here. The Riley website is a very useful resource for new and experienced players alike, not just as a showcase for their extensive selection of lovingly-crafted tables, available at, but also as somewhere to learn more about the materials and skills that go into the making of each table. Cue sports equipment must be made of top-quality raw materials for optimal results. This is even more important in snooker, where the length of the table means that even minor inaccuracies can translate into major misses over the ten to twelve feet that the cue ball has to travel.  Slate playfields have to be cut just right and the wood for cues treated with real precision.

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