Special educational programmes tailored to especially sporty children – think FM Sports Academies!

Offer your children the opportunity of a lifetime courtesy of fmsportsacademies.com! A specialist in the provision of sports coaching and educational services, this company works with reputable schools and colleges in the UK and continental Europe to help kids’ dreams come true on the sports field.

If your child is particularly gifted at football, basketball, tennis, golf or horse-riding, a stay at a specialized academy may be what they need to take their game to the next level. All of the sports mentioned above are taught in specialist academies, spread across France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Although the English football programmes are very popular, there are also similar courses in Spain and France.


Football academy in France

Source: http://www.fmsportsacademies.com

The football academies in Spain section, for example, has information about the various options on offer. These include a full-time course aimed at gap year students, a TOEFL preparation and football programme and even the chance to take the standard French schools curriculum.

The coaches and training staff on these courses are noted for their meticulous and technically-focused approach. In the long-term, this will help students develop their potential to the full and make it less likely that they will get injured, therefore keeping the door open to a possible career in sport.

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