DBV-Technologies – harnessing electrospray technology to make allergies a thing of the past!

DBV Technologies’ internet site is where you’ll find all the information you need to understand how this medical research and development company is looking to change the face of allergy treatment forever. The firm is in the process of developing patches for sufferers of peanut, cow’s milk protein and hen’s egg allergies, all of which are relatively common, especially in the western world, where hundreds of millions of people are affected by these and other allergies such as house dust mite, shellfish and fish.

electrospray technology is crucial to the manufacture of Viaskin patches

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

At the heart of the patch manufacturing process is the electrospray. This device (pictured beneath) makes it possible to spray a perfectly even layer of allergens onto the backing of the Viaskin patch. In this form, they are dry, but when they come into contact with the patient’s skin, a build-up of moisture on the skin’s surface, created by a condensation chamber effect, solubilizes the allergen, allowing it to pass through the epidermis. Here it enters the Langerhans cells, which possess unique immunological properties, making them the ideal candidates to start the allergen ‘tolerization’ process.

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