Modatoi – a ‘shoe-in’ for a great online footwear selection.

Have you been seeking high and low for a selection of ladies’ shoe models? makes all your wishes come true in one massive online store stocking shoes and more.
Platform shoes are nothing if not showy and this year’s selection is proving no exception. They definitely haven’t grown older and wiser, but maybe it’s best to say that they’ve found other ways to be wild and wacky. These days, the main consideration is no longer how high can you go, the main interest lies in experimenting with different shapes. The typically chunky look of the old-style platform is replaced by a more aerodynamic line. No less cutting-edge are some of the ladies’ boots up for grabs. There’s lots of glorious colour to brighten up your day, with purples, bright reds and deep blues being particularly present. Then there are some designs that everyone will want to get their claws into – namely the huge range of animal print designs, with fake leopardskin and zebra being some of the favourites!
What’s more, now fabulous half boot styles are yours for the taking. And we all know that half boots are twice the fun! That’s never been truer than this season, as you’ll quickly realize when you take a look at Modatoi’s leopardskin print platform with metal studs!

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