Spoil yourself with something special from Lucrin leather.

Luxury leather goods are a simply wonderful way of adding a touch of class to our homes and offices – or when we’re on the move, for business or pleasure. For those of you who worry that ‘luxury’ inevitably means ‘exhorbitantly-priced’, there’s no need to fret, it is possible to find top quality leather products at affordable prices.
The very high quality of leather employed by Lucrin in its manufacturing processes means you can rest easy, knowing your purchases will last for years to come. One of the main reasons for leather’s enduring success, on top of its robustness, is its versatility, in that it can be produced in a very wide assortment of finishes. Fancy a full-grain finish, or the smoother touch of suede? Shagreen or calfskin? Metallic finishes or classic browns and beiges? It’s all available from www.lucrin.co.uk.
As leather can take on virtually any form, we forget it’s still tremendously popular in its most traditional manifestations, such as the man’s leather wallet. Lucrin’s range of wallets includes models suitable for a range of uses, which can cope with everything from loose change to cheque books.
From small change to changing planes, take a look here for a selection of useful travel articles, including leather passport holders. Even though brown or black are hot favourites in terms of colours, everything from fuchsia to sky blue is available.

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