Awesome awnings from Eurovent will make your summer even more special!

It may seem a little too early to start preparing for your summer getaways, but some things are worth taking your time over. If you’re a keen caravanner who’s in the market for caravan awnings for sale, you’ll know that this is one purchase that shouldn’t be rushed into. There are multiple factors to take into account – price, of course, but also durability, weather-resistance, ease of assembly, strength of construction etc. The same applies to camping van equipment, such as motorhome canopy awnings. You’ll probably want an awning that can fend off the worst of the weather, but without being clammy inside. Eurovent’s Trio Vermont model with a top-quality acrylic design makes for great breathability yet doesn’t let the rain in thanks to its coated outside surfaces. If the weather takes a turn for the better, you can even take away the front and side panels and let the sunshine stream in!

The makers of eurovent awnings are part of a major French leisure industry group called Trigano. Trigano prides itself on the quality of its manufactured goods and its innovative research and development program. With over 20 years’ experience of the UK market, they’re definitely a name worth considering.

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